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Jasmine Frink, a native of Horry County, is a product of her roots and an unwavering passion for history. Growing up in the vibrant community of North Myrtle Beach, the name 'Atlantic Beach' echoed through local conversations, particularly within the black community. Regrettably, its reputation was overshadowed by two prevailing associations—the Atlantic Beach Bikefest and Crime.

It was during Jasmine's high school years, fueled by her own curiosity and research, that she unearthed the hidden treasure of Atlantic Beach. The Black Pearl, as it is aptly named, emerged as Horry County's best-kept secret. The authentic narratives and profound history of Atlantic Beach, however, were fading away, untold and overlooked by the succeeding generations.

Recognizing the urgency to preserve this cultural legacy, Jasmine Frink joined forces with Madelyn Patterson, Owner and Director of GoneMad Productions, to craft an unapologetic narrative of Atlantic Beach. This collaborative endeavor, born out of a shared commitment to truth and storytelling, has been an enlightening journey. As we embark on this odyssey, we are acutely aware that this project marks only the initiation of a transformative narrative—one that we are dedicated to unfolding and sharing with the world.

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